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Remember Lady Gaga at last year's Golden Globes? A change of the past Leiren shape, a blue and purple bubble sleeve gown appeared at the Golden Globes she not only won the prize to get soft, the shape is also praised as a \"fairy godmother \"!


Although the loose-coiled hairdo and the silhouette of the waist-length hem helped her get away from her earlier fads a little bit, such a blue-and-yellow floral cloth and a make-up look couldn't be blamed for saying \"like a curtain draped over her body\"


Every year on the red carpet, the big red dress has been the heart of all kinds of stars, this time is no exception. But even in the same color system, different people feel completely different.


Nicole Kidman turned up on the red carpet with OmegajewelryFredLeightonjewelry in a busty floor-length dress, making her eye-catching shade even more white and glowing. The folds of the crotch make the overall design simple and exquisite.


Scarlett Johansson, who also chose the red dress, fell into the pit. Despite VRAWANG's custom Scarlet dress with Bvlgari jewelry, the deep V with an exaggerated bow element made her look mature and sexy, but it was a pity to expose her butterfly arms, plus a \"meticulous\" hairdo and makeup that looked \"green,\" the overall look wasn't ideal.


Cate Blanchett, the \"Great Magic King,\" has always been known for her strong aura and queenish temperament, and this time she looked a little more tender in her elegance in the Greek designer brand Mary Katrantzou's yellow cut-out pleated skirt.


The Crown Charlize Theron has a light blonde short hair with a black and fruit-green patchwork of Dior's haute couture series, super A temperament and full air field. The Tiffany High Jewelries series of necklaces embellished between the necks became a nod.


Michelle Williams'Louis Vuitton pendant felt warm in a long orange dress, with a shoulder-tie and pale blue floral garter adornment, while gentle, but the temperamental misfit made Michelle look a little weird.


Among the few chinese faces at the golden globe, zhao shuzhen, a state-of-the-art actor in a high-necked, dark-red dress that is also a greek fold, does not have too many complex designs to set off her steady, elegant, oriental temperament.


Of these Asian faces, this year's biggest winner was Awkwafina, who won the musical comedy category with \"Don't Tell her \". On the red carpet she had black hair and red lips and a Dior custom black and white suit dress, but the lotus leaf collar was a drag on her.


Saoirse Ron wore a Celine sequin sling high-fork dress with Atelier Swarovski jewelry accessories, complete with a minimalist look and shiny texture that lined her skin like a porcelain glow, freshness and a touch of distance.


Shailene Woodley's sequined cut-out dress with Bvlgari jewelry and blue-and-black coloured heightened horsetail and smokey make-up made her look slick and very modern.


The clear fabric texture of Thomasin McKenzie's foggy blue tower skirt and Kirsten Dunst's Rodarte pink embroidered fishtail skirt added fairy quality to both looks. But compared to the playful cuteness of Thomasin's overall look, Kirsten's choice of pink gown with large make-up looked somewhat incongruous.


Jodie Comer, a "little demon" who was on the powder-sucking spree of "Kill Eve," also took part in the red carpet. Originally brisk and lively milk choo-choo was caught in such a huge A-word drag skirt, but also offended the stylist. 。


Peach's Chris Evans's all-in-one Isaia wine-red suit and Christian Louboutin's leather shoes still satisfied his powders, making a big profit.


Brad Pitt, who also chose the black line, was present in a three-piece suit with David Yurman and Fred Leighton accessories, compared with more layers that made the rigorous style of the suit a little more casual.


Rami Malek, who hit the red carpet last year with The Bohemian Rhapsody, looked casual without losing texture in a Saint Laurent velvet coat with a tie and Cartierjewelry.


Billy Porter, who has recently been the focus of the big red carpets, didn't \"disappoint,\" showing up on the red carpet in an exaggerated white moped feathered gown with Jimmy Choo shoes and Emm Kuo handbags at the Golden Globes, again becoming the most eye-catching and\" thundering \"on the red carpet.