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China New Jingwei Client January 6(Zhang Yanzheng)\" How can I terminate this 20-year travel contract? Now that we're spending tens of thousands of dollars once a year, we're really stuck. Mr. xu of beijing told china new weft reporter.


Recently, a number of consumers reported to the new Jingwei reporter, in Beijing, a right goods Jinsha bath center, to spend more than 70,000 yuan in 20 years to pay only air tickets to travel products. Today, as part of a 10-day tour to spain and portugal in december 2019, not only are there difficulties, but there are also \"random charges\" on the trip.


Mr. Xu told reporters that he was a long-term member of a Beijing right products Jinsha Bath Center (hereinafter referred to as right goods Jinsha), in October 2017, the insiders of the right goods Jinsha informed of a special lecture for members, and paid 71800 yuan for the purchase of travel products that can only be traveled by air tickets within 20 years.


It is worth noting that a number of other complainants also reflected the travel contract signed at the bath club. \"Right goods Jinsha internal staff said that the travel promotion is aimed at members of the promotion of preferential activities, did not expect the follow-up travel contract so many.\" Another complainant, Mr. Wang, said.


It is reported that the right products Jinsha Bath Center used to use the name of the right Jincheng Jinsha International Health Museum, Beijing right products brand management company under the brand of the bath industry. Tian eye inspection shows that beijing right brand management limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as right brand) was established in 2010, the business scope includes business management services, enterprise planning, investment consulting, investment management, etc. Among them, executive director and manager Li Kai shares 90% of the largest shareholder. The company also invested in Beijing right goods catering management, Beijing Hongxiu right goods hotel management and other 5 companies.


It is worth noting that the legal representatives of the two companies are Wu Guoqiang. Wu Guoqiang is also the legal representative of Beijing Quan Pin International Tourism Culture Development Co. Ltd., acting as executive director and manager of the company.


Ms. Dai, who has just returned from a trip to Spain and Portugal, provided the latest edition of the notice. According to the notice, the group, which travels from December 4 to 12,2019, is scheduled to travel by car to Carmen's hometown, Seville, on the 6th to visit such attractions as Seville Cathedral (Appearance), Spanish Square, Golden Tower (Appearance) and so on. But on the morning of the day, the tour leader told him that he would visit such self-financing projects as the ancient city of Segovia, with a charge of 210 euros for four attractions in package A and 275 euros for five attractions in package B.


Ms. Dai told reporters at the press conference, before the introduction of King Kong, the preacher promised to travel at their own expense. \"In fact, the tour guide recommended that the self-funded items AB two packages, both fee items, must choose one, otherwise the day's itinerary will not be able to go anywhere. Ms. Dai said.


A package consists of four attractions, namely, the town of Ronda, the deep tour of Barcelona, the Penicola and the ancient city of Segovia, for 55 euros,45 euros,45 euros and 65 euros, according to the self-financing package offered by Mr Xu.


“couldn't help it. After the protest, the team leader changed the package A to 200 euros per person, and the driver paid 2,000 yuan per person before driving." Mr. Xu said.


A domestic online travel website shows that the Spanish town of Ronda and other places for free attractions, the ancient city of Segovia need to charge. \"In the ancient city of Segovia, we only took pictures outside the castle and did not enter it. We don't have to pay for the route we visit at all, so to pay for it at our own expense is to charge for gas, plus a fee for drivers and tour guides. Ms. Wang, who participated in the tour, told China's new Jingwei reporters.


A round-trip ticket of $“8900, a tip of $2,400 per person, a visa fee of $1,200 and a so-called'self-funded item' of $2,000 add up to at least $14,500 per person, while some members are charged a management fee of $980. During the trip, we met with other tourists from Nanjing and Shanghai on the same route. The tour fee is 7799 yuan, and the tip and visa fee is 1900 yuan. Mr. Xu said.


The \"West Portugal 10-day tour\" tour leader Guo, in an interview with the new Jingwei reporter, said it is not convenient to disclose the rules of the charge items, specifically can consult the travel agency. According to Guo, he belongs to the Beijing Hantu International Travel Service. The travel agency's staff said visitors'feedback forms were well received and there were no random charges. The other side did not respond to the business relationship between the agency and Beijing Quan Pin International Tourism Culture Development Co. Ltd.


Sky Eye Survey shows that Beijing Quan Pin International Tourism Culture Development Co., Ltd., has used the name of Beijing Quan Pin International Tourism Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Quan Pin International Travel Service Co., Ltd., including inbound tourism business, domestic tourism business, air ticket sales agent and travel information consultation. In July 2018, Haidian Branch of Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce was included in the list of operating anomalies because the place could not be contacted.


Earlier, a staff member in the area of tourism, said to new weft reporters that tourism is a pre-tourism promotion company, the organization of outbound travel is entrusted to the company's rongxin china travel company, all outbound travel procedures are legal and compliance. However, mr. xu and others travel to beijing hantu international travel agency.


In October and November 2019, Beijing's Haidian District Market Supervision Bureau \"found no problems\" in its business scope project inspection during a double random spot check on Quan Pin Tourism Company.


“What we now question is why the same travel itinerary costs much more than the market? We paid 20 years before the travel fee of more than 70,000 yuan including what? When the initial 20-year travel contract was signed, why didn't you inform me of the shopping schedule? How will the subsequent travel expenses be refunded to us? Ms. Dai said.


Zhang Yuhao, a lawyer at Beijing's Weiheng law firm, said in an interview with his client that the travel company did not have the qualifications for outbound travel services and did not mean that such contracts were invalid, but that the travel agency constituted a breach of the original contract if the original contract did not state the charges and the need for additional contracts. Liability for breach of contract shall be borne by the travel agency.


Zhao zhanling, deputy director of beijing law firm zhilin, said consumers should actively choose to report such disputes to tourism authorities and complain to market regulators about infringements of consumers'legitimate rights and interests. (APP)